Add Some Spice…

Hopefully, the following tracks will help to add flavor to your weekend. It would be a good idea to start loosening up those hips. Un Mono Azul released this first track (a cumbia take on the popular Rusko track,”Da Cali Anthem”) in the beginning of the summer. The next track was produced by French artist, Bambounou, who just released his EP, Animism. “Abodan” is one of many QUALITY tracks on the the Scion A/V Presents: Sound PellegrinoStraight from the Spring EP. Be sure to check it out! The final track is from Sheeqo Beat, hailing from Monterrey, Mexico. Another summer song which goes perfect with dancing, drinking and hot, sticky summers.

California Love. Dubstep turned Cumbia. Thank you.

Rusko – Da Cali Anthem (Un Mono Azul macumbia)

Tribal House. Tropical synths.

Bambounou – Abodan

Tribal Guarachero? Yes, please!

Black Moon (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Jason Rivas TEST


The LOL Boys, based both in Los Angeles and Montreal, just released their EP, 123, under the Palms Out Sound label. Check out the video of their single. Love it!

LOL Boys – 123

Video of LOL Boys – 123


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Wabi Sabi - The beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" The Wabi Sabi Collective is made up of a group of people who have the common interests of pursuing dreams, making people happy through sharing quality sound vibrations, and resurrecting mankind's tribal instincts to dance.
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