Fresh from the Digital Crate


Yo! Dj Cez here. I’ve come by to drop off a few remixed tracks that I’m all about these days. First, I bring you a track off of the newest dubplate from the Night Slugs label. It’s a refix by Jam City of the old, 1983 track “Ecstacy” by Endgames. This track is straight fire! It’s a smooth blend of old school house keys with the new funky sound. The bass in this track will definitely get you moving.



The next track is an edit by Skyve Reuter. It’s an awesome retouch of The xx remix of Florence & The Machine – “You’ve got the Love”.  It takes the funky beats The xx did for the original track and blends them with a Bmore beat. Simple yet just what the track needed. Enjoy.

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE vs THE XX – You’ve got the love (Skyve Reuter edit)

Finally, this following track ONLY adds one layer to the original, but it changes the vibe entirely. Emynd must have known what was up when he decided to lay down a smooth piano blend over the track “Senta” by French Fries. It turns the original, a hard banger, into a happier, uplifting dance track that would definitely impress any crowd.

I’ll be back with more soon so be sure to come back and check out what Wabi Sabi has to offer!

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