Francisco Infante-Arana

Contemporary art rarely makes me stop, but as I made my way in the Tretyakovskaya Galeria, the main Russian art museum in Moscow, I couldn’t help but study the work of artist Francisco Infante-Arana. Don’t let his Spanish last name fool you, Francisco was raised by a Russian mother and is, in fact, a real Ruski. He currently lives in Moscow and does most of his work with the help of his wife Nonna Gorunova. Francisco’s photography installations are not so much bizzare as they are eye-catching. The materials he uses are simple and natural, objects like mirrors, foil, cords, shadows. His work is unedited avant-garde: images of snowy Russian forests reflected, contorted and twisted into unfamiliar terrain; flower fields depicted as portals into other dimensions, and geometric shapes defying reality and cloud-filling the ocean. His work makes you want to delete Photoshop and question the reality of the concrete. His images are puzzling yet tasteful; they leave you refreshed and wanting more.

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