PROF LOGIK: Audible Palindrome EP

Today, Prof Logik just dropped his EP, Audible Palindrome, under Skew Records. The entire EP is packed full of beautiful, rattling, down tempo, rhythms made from the heart. There is definitely no denying that Prof Logik is on the forefront of producers on board with the “new beat movement”. It was a hard choice, but if I had to pick a few of my top favorites off of the album it would be, “A Shamans Daydream“, “Crushed Herbals” and “Vortex“.  I’m highly recommending checking this out and keeping an eye on where Prof Logik goes from here! Thanks for the tip Indigo.


Prof Logik – Audible Palindrome EP

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“Music is the most high and the only thing keeping me in this state of existence.” – Egoless

Croatian producer, Egoless, is undeniably a gifted artist. His production skills transcend genres.  I was first introduced to him while listening to an Insight Podcast hosted by DFRNT from Sitting Ovation. Egoless is currently on the label Echodub along with fellow producer DFRNT. I highly recommend checking out the Insight Podcasts. You won’t be disappointed. Each of the three tracks featured are unique in their sound. The first track bubbles with some garage influences. The second is an amazing mellowed out dub track, and finally, the last song embodies its name, “Soulsteps“. Enjoy 🙂

Egoless – Whop Riddim

Egoless – Dubrovnik <released around 2004>

Egoless – Soulsteps

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HUESS: What It Costs EP

Today, UK producer, Huess drops his 3rd EP, What It Costs, under indie label Inaudible Answer. This EP features remixes by Fulgeance and Kelpe. If you like what you hear, you can grap yourself a copy HERE. Also, while I’m talking about them, I’m sharing with ya’ll another awesome track, “I Luv U”, originally produced by Fulgeance and remixed by Huess.

Fulgeance – I Luv U (Huess Remix)

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Waaaaaaaaaa!!! It has been a while. Be good to your ears and they will be good to you. I just stumbled across this next producer today, but DAYYUM! This boy has got skills. S∆VCLOUD, Tony Quijiano, is a producer from Los Angeles. Definitely worth your time to check out his soundcloud page. I believe that most of the tracks are free to download. It was hard to choose just a few tracks to feature, because I really enjoy his compositional style. Alright… check these plz!!


S∆VCLOUD – Nottingham

S∆VCLOUD – Faces

S∆VCLOUD – Next Time

Aesop Rock – Catacomb Kids (S∆VCLOUD remix)




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Bohko just relased their EP, Sulis, for free!! It is available for download off of their website. Bohko, a UK duo, consists of SeePM & JSPH. This well-produced album would best be described as Down-tempo and Experimental while borrowing elements from Hip-Hop. The two tracks that I immediately fell in love with are “2024” and “Darbuka”. Be sure to check out the entire album. QUALITY.

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HeavyFeet (James Medina and Mike Burgess) are releasing their 7th single of the year, “Last Two People”, under the label Stamp! Beats. The single features Rod Hotly & Kid Bliss.  Along with the single, there are 2 remixes done by DCup and Two Fresh.  The Manchester duo also produced a Club Dub version, my personal favorite. Be sure to check out the entire release; All are available on Beatport.

Mini-Mix of Full Release:


HeavyFeet ft. Rod Hotly & Kid Bliss – Last Two People



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Feelin Irie

So I just got locked in to this new reggae-hiphop-funk-cumbia band, Irie Maffia, a diverse crew from Hungary. Their beats are undeniably amazing! Their next digital release, Bacardi Cola Remix Project, comes out the 25th of October. The original track features MC Kemon plus 4 remixes from El Hijo de la Cumbia, Slap in the Bass, Richy Pitch and Dj Madd . Highly anticipating this one!

Irie Maffia feat Kemon: Bacardi Cola Remix Project

Irie Maffia feat. Kemon – Bacardi Cola (Slap in the Bass Remix)

Irie Maffia feat Kemon – Bacardi Cola (Hijo de la Cumbia Remix)

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